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  1. 12:00am Jan 1
    Dear Members of Fleet,
    An unfortunate situation has occurred which requires support for a fellow fleet member.
    This member is in an urgent need for legal funds for Custody rights.
    As don't want to get into too much details here on Facebook but any questions or concern can be sent to our fleet member in need.
    If you can help donate please follow the link below, again this is an urgent need and anything you can donate will definitely be appreciated

    The email is

    That email address can also be used to contact him with any questions or concerns you have.
    Please remember that this is a tough time and he will try to get back to you in a timely manner.

    Again if can please help

    Thank you,

    Rey Cordero
    OIC 1st Brigade SFMC
    USS Liberator
  2. 12:00am Jan 1
    Anyone who can help?
  3. 12:00am Jan 1
    Do you rock Spock? πŸ–– Would you like free tickets to a concert while cosplaying TOS era Spock? 🎼The Huntsville Symphony Orchestra 🎢 will perform a πŸŽ† New Year’s Eve πŸŽ‡ concert featuring hit TV show and movie music including Star Trek.🎡 The concert will be at 7:30pm on Sunday, December 31, at the Mark C. Smith Concert Hall of the Von Braun Center (700 Monroe St in downtown Huntsville). It should end around 10 pm, so you will have plenty of time to attend another πŸŽ‰ New Year's Eve celebration afterwards. For more information, please see our event page for this:
  4. 12:00am Jan 1
    The November issue of the Anvil is ready to download. Newsletter of the Starfleet ship U.S.S. Hephaestus. A Star Trek fan club in Birmingham, Alabama.
  5. 12:00am Jan 1
    If you're coming to Huntsville for Rocket City NerdCon 2017 this weekend, don't miss the USS Wernher von Braun presentation of the Storm Front Star Trek fan film. Our CO, Michael Sylvester, appears in the film as CO of the USS
    Melbourne, and will be leading the presentation and answering questions. It will be shown at 12 noon on Sunday, November 5, in the second floor event room of the downtown Huntsville Library (915 Monroe St. near the VBC). πŸ––
  6. 12:00am Jan 1
    Greetings Region 2!
    Planning for the 2018 Summit is underway and wanted to pass along a link for everyone. As you've seen, Commodore Rush has been linking to our new EventBrite page that we use for registration. You'll still be seeing tangential information on this page but if you want live updates as they come out for the upcoming Region 2 Summit in Madison, Alabama (right outside of Huntsville), come join us on the Summit FB Page:
  7. 12:00am Jan 1
    Good Afternoon Region 2,

    Tickets for the Region 2 Summit are now available through EventBrite.

    Just click on the picture below!
  8. 12:00am Jan 1
    It’s my pleasure to announce the commissioning of the USS Andromeda NCC 75009 from Region 2 (Tampa, FL) COMM Alvin Dozer in command and the USS Loki NCC 5156 from Region 7 (Gettysburg, PA) CAPT Lewis Jones in command.

    I would also like to congratulate LCDR Samuel Stroh (XO, USS Andromeda) and LCDR Jesse Taggart (XO, USS Loki) on their promotion to Commander.

    Welcome to the Fleet and best wishes on your STARFLEET journey.

    COMM Ronald Coleman
    STARFLEET Chief of Operations
    CO, USS WESSEX NCC-74207