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  1. 12:00am Jan 1
    Additionally, the 2018 Summit early bird registration time limit is midnight tonight (CST) so please be sure to register!
  2. 12:00am Jan 1
    Greetings Region 2,
    I meant to make this announcement earlier today but with the weather today, it slipped my mind. With that, I'm extending the "Interest Bid" for the 2019 Summit to 10am tomorrow instead of midnight tonight. If you're interested in hosting the 2019 Summit and haven't already contacted me - please let me know by then.
  3. 12:00am Jan 1
    Members of the USS Republic, based in Atlanta, enjoying dinner on the Star Trek Cruise 2018.
  4. 12:00am Jan 1
    The Newsletter for the Star Trek club Hephaestus is available to read and download. The Hephaestus is member of STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.:
  5. 12:00am Jan 1
    If anybody are in Jascksonville check this out
  6. 12:00am Jan 1
    Can anybody help me, I am trying to get on the database and I use my username and password and somehow it not letting me in and then when I send it to change my password and get the link to change the password it would not send me the link.

    I am already late on sending MSR because I can not get into the database do anybody in the Region know what is going on

    PS. I also send a Helpdesk ticket about it
  7. 12:00am Jan 1
    In you are in the New Orleans area and need your Discovery fix?

    We might know of place where you can do that. 12 hours of binge watching with great company, great food and the perfect atmosphere.