Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the USS Exeter NCC-1706 is a shuttle of the USS Republic NCC-1371, based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Both groups are chapters of STARFLEET International and members of STARFLEET Region 2, which includes Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and the Caribbean Islands.

The Exeter's commanding officer, Commander John R. Sims, and the Republic's commanding officer, Captain Eric L. Watts, began working together to start a new chapter in Jacksonville in April 2008.  The Exeter received its official name and registry authorization from STARFLEET in May 2008, held its first organizational meeting in June 2008 and was officially launched by Region 2 as a chapter-in-training in October 2008.  As a chapter-in-training, the Exeter is currently undergoing its commissioning protocol and working towards its official commissioning.  Exeter and Republic commanders are both working towards completing the commissioning protocol by summer 2009 and hope to be officially commissioned by STARFLEET at Dragon*Con in Atlanta in September 2009.
The Exeter takes its name from the Constitution-class heavy cruiser starship depicted in the original Star Trek episode "The Omega Glory."  The Exeter's registry was not shown in the episode as originally broadcast, but was listed in Franz Joseph's Star Fleet Technical Manual (Ballantine Books, 1975) as NCC-1706.  However, in The Star Trek Encyclopedia (Pocket Books, 1994) by Michael and Denise Okuda, Exeter's registry is inexplicably given as NCC-1672.  When the episode was digitally remastered in 2007, new CGI showing Exeter in orbit around the planet Omega IV shows the registry as NCC-1672.  Memory Alpha notes that NCC-1706 is more consistent with the apocryphally accepted Constitution prototype registry of NCC-1700, and this chapter has chosen it as its own registry.
Commanding Officer
Commander John R. Sims
2443 Whispering Woods Blvd #4
Jacksonville FL  32246-9502
(904) 928-3055

Executive Officer
Lt. Janice Neu

City of Charter
Jacksonville, Florida

Vessel Class/Type
Constitution Class
Bonhomme Richard
Subclass: Heavy Cruiser