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USS Exeter Video Logs
"One Small Step" featuring John R. Sims  (The Florida Times-Union news report, June 2009 )
"Devoted Fans Flock to New Star Trek" featuring John R. Sims  (WJXT Channel 4 news report, May 2009)

Ship's LogStardate 200906.00
Commander John R. Sims, Commanding Officer of the USS Exeter NCC-1706, submitted the following report for June 2009:

This past month was kind of slow.  After all the hustle and bustle of the Star Trek movie premiere and all the other activities, we decided to take a rest.  We did stay in touch seeing as a lot of us work for the same company.

We would like to welcome our four new members to the
Exeter and the Fleet.  They are: Alex O'Conner and his father Barry, Macauley McMenemy and Becci Bradbury.  The last two are from the Unitd Kingdom and are from the city to which this ship gets its namesake... Exeter!

We will be having a dinner meeting at the Golden Corral on Sunday, July 5, at 6:00 p.m.  Hopefully all of the new members can attend and get to meet their new shipmates.

Ship's LogStardate 200905.00
Commander John R. Sims, Commanding Officer of the USS Exeter NCC-1706, submitted the following report for May 2009:

I am proud to announce that our new XO, Janice Neu, Chief Tactical Officer Ryan McDowell and Yeoman Hyo Soon have been promoted in rank. They passed their OTS exams and due to their unwavering service, they were given the ranks Lieutenant and Lt. JG.  Way to go!  Now we are awaiting our new XO to finish her studies to take and pass the OCC.  Then, we will finally be able to send in the required paperwork to get full ship's status.  We are hoping to get our confirmation at Dragon*Con. Thanks to the BEST CO a boy could ever have... Eric "Da Man" Watts!

Stardate 2009.05.02—The USS
Exeter had a fast and furious first two weeks this month. The last week of April, the CO was contacted by a photographer from The Florida Times-Union newspaper concerning a photo story they were doing about local Trekkers.  John Fletcher had been contacted by Norm Lidell, the CO of the USS Haven in Orlando (not a chapter of STARFLEET).  He and I had met at the extremely dull Vulkon Orlando in October.  Mr Fletcher came to my quarters and did some preliminary interviewing for background information.  He shot a few photos here at the house and then we beamed over to my place of employment, Publix.  We took more photos by the area that most of my work is concentrated in. The customers were a bit surprised to see a Commander from the 23rd century posing in front of a milk display!  We finished and shook hands.  He informed me that the article would be out in the May 5th edition.

On May 2, we had a very busy day.  A week earlier, I had been contacted by Jay Mooney.  He is the AV director of the main branch library.  They were to have a
Star Trek-A-Thon.  He asked if we would like to attend this event and if I would like to addresss the folks in attendance.  Seeing as I have been an on-and-off again thespian, I jumped at the chance.  Besides, it would give me the opportunity to let the local fans know of our new ship and the opportunities to be had!  There were about 50-75 persons in the audience who enjoyed the event.  Shown episodes were "The Cage," "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and "The City on the Edge of Forever."  Jay had me bring along a DVD of the Star Trek: New Voyages episode "In Harm's Way" in case anyone would be interested in seeing what the fans are making.  And boy!  Did they ever!  I took the podium and spoke about STARFLEET, the Exeter and the really great fan-made episodes.  I explained that James Cawley has made us old hats very happy with his creations.  For some strange reason, I was given a standing ovation!  I guess that I can be a scenery-chewing SOB... just like The Shat!  We handed out flyers and headed over to my quarters for the ship's meeting.  Janice Neu, our new XO, and her two adorable little boys helped me at the library.

Then there was chaos!  My yeoman and I were witness to the biggest
Exeter meeting ever!  In attendance were Ed and Janice Neu and their sons James and Adam; Julie and Jordan Cain; Marian LaPlaca and her daughter; and two new prospective members, Mike & Lori Phelps.  They are, again, management members with the Publix grocery chain.  Mike is a lifelong fan and was extremely impressed with my knowledge of classic Trek as well as being mesmerized by my NASA collectibles.  We had some fantastic delicacies, again, prepared by my yeoman, Hyo Soon.  Korean BBQ, dumplings, noodles, etc.  Janice, Marian and I worked on the huge USS Exeter banners to be displayed at the movie theatre for the upcoming Star Trek movie.  We discussed our plans for the event, enjoyed the food and watched a personal favorite episode from the miniseries, From the Earth to the Moon, "Is That All There Is?—The Apollo 12 Mission."  We all had a great time and went our separate ways.

I was then contacted by the manager of the Regal Cinemas and told that there would be a "sneak viewing" of the new
Star Trek movie on Thursday evening.  My yeoman and I attended it and I must tell you, despite my trepidations, I was completely floored!  This is, in my humble opinion, the rebirth of our family of characters!  My yeoman was drawn to tears on the opening sequence... and me, too.

The next day was another doozie of a day.  After working a 10-hour day at work, I met XO Janice Neu and her two sons at the Regal Cinemas and set up shop.  The manager, Frank, was very generous and let us do our thing.  We displayed props, models and costumes.  We also had membership forms, CQs (supplied by Eric) and made small talk with all individulas who seemed interested.  The really cool part was when Scott Johnson, a reporter from the local TV station WJXT, came to do an interview with us.  He was fair, but a bit snarky.  From my experience from my days on the
Excalibur, this was to be expected.  The interview went well and aired that evening at 10:00.  I have receved many calls after that and we are hoping to get these possibles to come to a meeting and see that the Fleet is fun!

In closing, I would like to thank our support ship's CO for all his help in this endeavor, as well as Jack Eaton, who sent us a really cool poster that we displayed at our display.  We are hoping to get full ship's status at Dragon*Con and as soon as our new XO, Janice Neu, completes the OCC, we WILL send the paperwork post-haste!
Cmdr John R. Sims speaks to an audience at Jacksonville Public Library's "Trek-A-Thon"
Jacksonville Public Library AV director Jay Mooney and Cmdr John R. Sims
Seated: Cadet James Neu, prospective members Mike & Lori Phelps.  In rear: Cmdr John R. Sims, Hyo Soon Yoo and Marian LaPlaca.
Cmdr John R. Sims (center) and Cadets James and Adam Neu
Ed Neu and prospective member Mike Phelps
Hyo Soon Yoo, prospective member Lori Phelps and James Neu
Watching an episode from the miniseries From the Earth to the Moon
Jacksonville TV station WJXT reporter Scott Johnson and Cmdr John R. Sims
Cmdr John R. Sims and Cadets James and Adam Neu prepare the Exeter's recruitment display at the Star Trek movie premiere
Cmdr John R. Sims (center) and Cadets James and Adam Neu
Shannon Long and her mother Marian LaPlaca at the Star Trek movie premiere
Cadets James and Adam Neu at the Star Trek movie premiere
Hyo Soon Yoo, Shannon Long and Marian LaPlaca at the Star Trek movie premiere

Ship's LogStardate 200904.00
Commander John R. Sims, Commanding Officer of the USS Exeter NCC-1706, submitted the following report for April 2009:

This month, the crew of the USS Exeter held its meeting at the CO's new abode.  Although turnout was light, we still had a great deal of fun.  Because of scheduling problems, the Neu family and XO Ryan McDowell could not attend.  But Ensigns Julie and Jordan Cain did, as well as two new prospective members, Bob & Joan Sims... my parents!  This is kinda cool, seeing as my mother was the one who turned me on to Trek as a kid.

The meeting was more of a social gathering.  We caught up on some family matters and discussed the new movie.  Then we enjoyed yet another incredible meal prepared by the CO's yeoman, Hyo Soon: Korean BBQ, fried dumplings and sushi!  Afterwards, we watched an episode of
Star Trek: Phase II.  My family members were truly intrigued by the quality of a fan-made production... but they don't know James Cawley!

This past week, I stayed in contact with the Regal Cinemas manager and firmed up our plans for the recruitment table for the
Star Trek movie opening.  I was also contacted by no less than four other theaters from south Georgia to St. Augustine.  Geez, where were you guys when I was calling four weeks ago?  I was also contacted by the curator of the main branch of the Jacksonville library.  They are to have a Trek-A-Thon this coming Saturday from 1:30 until 5:00 p.m.  They will be showing the first two pilot episodes as well as the classic "City on the Edge of Forever."  I contacted the local news media and we are to have some coverage of that event as well.

This is gonna be a very busy week for the
Exeter.  We hope to do our collective best to help STARFLEET grow vicariously through our efforts.

On a good note, Ensign Janice Neu has passed her OTS.  Yaa!  I am hoping to get all my bridge staff to pass this before our commissioning in September at Dragon*Con.  In the next week, we will be filing another VRR to get our approval from the DTS.

Ship's LogStardate 200903.00
Commander John R. Sims, Commanding Officer of the USS Exeter NCC-1706, submitted the following report for March 2009:

This month, the USS Exeter had a very exciting event to watch: the launch of shuttle Discovery!  Cmdr Lee Archambault and the intrepid crew of STS-119 left the surly bonds of Earth to deliver and deploy the final solar array for the international space station.  Members of the crew witnessed this launch from two vantage points in Jacksonville: Ed Neu, his wife Janice and their two sons on the north side of Jacksonville, and Cmdr John R. Sims and his yeoman Hyo Soon Yoo from the parking lot of the local high school.

At 7:43 p.m. EST, during a beautiful spring evening, the
Discovery lifted above the horizon for all to see.  Its trajectory was to the northeast, giving us an unprecedented view of its ascent as well as the separation of the solid rocket boosters.  What was truly encouraging about this was all the local residents coming outside to see this modern marvel.  Afterwards, Ed called to confirm our viewing and we shared notes on it.

Our group then had its monthly dinner meeting at the local restaurant Sweet Tomatoes on Sunday, March 29, at 6:00 p.m.  It was another great get-together with members Marian LaPlaca and her daughter Shannon, Hyo Soon
Yoo, Ed and Janice Neu and their sons Adam and James.  Unfortunately, XO Ryan McDowell was tied up at work again, so he was not there.  The CO discussed his continuing conversations with the local AMC theater manager concerning our recruitment table for the upcoming
Star Trek movie.  There was a bit of disappointment when I told them that because of certain restrictions against providing us the space due to contractual commitments to another in-house company, we will not be allowed to have a proper table and display.  But the manager will allow us to be there between shows to hand out flyers to anyone who seems interested.  This comes as a shock to me personally, seeing as when I was with the old Excalibur chapter in the 1980s and '90s, we had no such problem.  The times are a' changing, eh?

We all had a wonderful dinner and discussed a field trip for the next meeting, possibly a landing party to the local zoo, seeing as we missed our opportunity last month or a movie night out.  We may even have another bowling party as well!

Costumes were also discussed.  The CO recently bought a pattern for the male tunic from and has made himself a rather fetching spinach green dress tunic for the evening's events at the upcoming Dragon*Con.  I gave a copy of the pattern to Janice Neu so that she may be able to outfit her two adorable sons for the con as well.

Overall, March was a very good month for our ship, indeed.  We are looking forward to getting commissioned at Dragon*Con amongst all our friends in the Fleet.  Our ship would again like to thank USS
Republic Commanding Officer Captain Eric L. Watts for his unwavering help and guidance.  Our ship would be caught in an interspatial shift ( la the Defiant) without him.  Thanks, Captain!
Cmdr John R. Sims, Ens Hyo Soon Yoo and Cadets James and Adam Neu
Ens Ed and Cadet James Neu
Ens Janice and Cadet Adam Neu
Cmdr John R. Sims and his yeoman Ens Hyo Soon Yoo
Ens Marian LaPlaca and her daughter Shannon
Cadet Adam Neu

Ship's LogStardate 200902.00
Commander John R. Sims, Commanding Officer of the USS Exeter NCC-1706, submitted the following report for February 2009:

The Exeter held its monthly meeting on Sunday, February 22, at the local Golden Corral again.  We met at 6:00 p.m. and had some small ship business to discuss; namely, the CO's new house and upcoming events like the new Star Trek movie and Dragon*Con.  In attendance was the CO, Cmdr John R. Sims; his yeoman, Hyo Soon Yoo; and the Neu family: Ed, Janice, James and Adam.  Everyone else either could not get free from work or had other commitments.  We also continued our discussions on getting some Starfleet Exeter-style uniforms put together for the aforementioned events.  The meeting went well and as always, James Neu fascinated us with his tales of ribaldry!

Members of the USS
Exeter then had a landing party to the annual Northeast Florida Scottish Highland Games held on the following Saturday, February 28.  The CO had plotted a course that would save 30 minutes transit time, but there was a bad accident (probably some cadets in a shuttle trying the "Picard" maneuver on State Road 16).  Needless to say, it was a rough beamdown—it took about one hour to move one mile!

We finally arrived, paid our admission and made our way in to the activities.  There were several things to enjoy, such as the falconry exhibit, Scottish dogs on parade, young ladies competing in the sword dance and plenty of Anglo-Scot foods to choose from.  In attendance for this were the CO, Cmdr John R. Sims; his yeoman, Hyo Soon Yoo; Julie and Jordan Cain; and two new prospective members, my Mum & Dad!  My Mum was a big fan of the original show—go figure.  We stayed for the closing ceremonies and then parted ways.  Overall, it was a very nice trip for all parties involved.  I will say that hearing the pipe bands play "Scotland the Brave" made it more than worthwhile to me personally, being of Scottish and English descent.

We are hoping to have next month's meeting at the CO's new quarters, but that is subject to change.  The move was very rough, seeing as he and his yeoman both work conflicting schedules and very long hours.

The crew of the
Exeter would like to thank Capt Eric L. Watts, our support ship's commanding officer, again for nursemaiding us through our training period. We all appreciate it greatly.
Cmdr John R. Sims and Ens Jordan Cain
Ens Hyo Soon Yoo, Ens Julie Cain and Ens Jordan Cain
Ens Jordan Cain
Northeast Florida Scottish Highland Games
Northeast Florida Scottish Highland Games
The Northeast Florida Scottish Highland Games falconry exhibit
Northeast Florida Scottish Highland Games
Northeast Florida Scottish Highland Games

Ship's LogStardate 200901.00
Commander John R. Sims, Commanding Officer of the USS Exeter NCC-1706, submitted the following report for January 2009:

The USS Exeter had no meeting as such this month. The chapter's CO, Cmdr John R. Sims, and his yeoman were moving into a new house and had most of their time occupied dealing with the logistics of that.  The CO did stay in contact with the crew about this transition.  Fortunately, the move went somewhat smoothly thanks to the help of chapter XO Ens Ryan McDowell.  He volunteered his time and pick-up truck for this adventure.  His services were greatly appreciated indeed, seeing as he went above and beyond the call of duty for the CO.  He will be recommended for maximum rank assignment when he has taken and passed his OCC course, seeing as he has shown a great amount of energy when it comes to helping this chapter and its CO.  Also, new member Ens Marian LaPlaca was instrumental in the packing of the personal items for my yeoman, Ens Hyo Soon Yoo.  Several late nights of cardboard and tape later, we had everything packed and ready for transport.  Thanks, Marian!

Our next meeting will be a landing party to the local zoo.  We will be studying the beautiful creatures from Earth's 21st century at this state-of-the-art facility.  I will also give the crew an update on our recruitment display at the upcoming
Star Trek movie premiere.  The AMC cinema manager has assured me of a prime location in the lobby to do "our thing"!

I have also received word that the old STARFLEET chapter from this area, the USS
Excalibur, has expressed an overture to possibly join us for some events.  I will try to establish subspace communications with the former chapter's CO, Rich Kovatch, to help facilitate this.  It would be really nice to bring some old Fleeters back to the fold.  Even though I would have loved to attend the upcoming Region 2 Summit, it is not possible.  I will, however, attend next year's, seeing as hopefully our ship will be commissioned and, work permitting, we will have the time to do so.

Thanks must go out to our mothership's CO, Captain Eric L. Watts.  He is, simply put... the BEST!  The
Exeter appreciates all of his hard work on our behalf.

Ship's LogStardate 200812.07
The USS Exeter NCC-1706 held its sixth meeting at their local Pizza Hut restaurant on December 7, 2009.  Commander John R. Sims submitted the following report:

The crew of the USS Exeter held its Christmas meeting/pizza party at one of the local Pizza Hut restaurants.  We had it in the evening after the bulk of the crew was free from their work hours.  In attendance was the chapter CO; his yeoman Hyo Soon Yoo; Ed, Janice, Adam and James Neu; Marian LaPlaca and her daughter; and a new prospective member, Buzz Ryan.  Buzz was the former CMO of the USS Powhatan a few years ago and was interested in checking in on the Fleet.  Fortunately, he found our web site that our mothership's captain, Eric L. Watts, had made for us.  He plans on reenlisting very soon as he wants to be part of a classic-era vessel!  I updated the group on upcoming events such as the Star Trek movie premiere, as I have continued to speak with the manager of the local cinema about our participating in its opening.  He has assured us of the opportunity for recruitment and hopefully a free screening earlier than usual.  We also discussed some more costuming ideas so that when our ship beams its landing party down to the movie premiere and later to Dragon*Con, we will all have proper attire to reflect our ship’s identity and spirit of teamwork.  The Captain is going to spearhead this by purchasing the necessary materials, patterns and peripherals, like boot sources, rank braids and props.

We also discussed some other opportunities to help bring the positive message that Gene Roddenberry gave us with
Trek.  Up for consideration was working with the Second Harvest Food Bank.  They are always in need of volunteers and hopefully we can work with them in the next couple of months in any way we can to help this worthwhile cause.  Also, sometime in 2009, the local museum of science and history will open an exhibit dedicated to manned spaceflight.  The Captain, who has been a NASA-phile and collector for years, has been contacted by the museum to help with this by loaning several of his Apollo-era artifacts, mission-flown items and detailed scale models that he has built to help explain the first steps into that last vast unknown, the Final Frontier!

After we all had our fill of pizza and beverages, we said our goodbyes until the New Year.  Our newest member, Marian LaPlaca’s daughter, who is a hip teenager with a small knowledge of
Trek, was so impressed with our gathering that she wants to sign up!  We must be doing something right for a modern iPod kid to dig us!

Our next meeting will be a birthday bash held at Ed and Janice Neu’s quarters.  Several of her friends and family will be there, as well as her
Exeter crewmates.  There will be no real Fleet business to speak of, but if discussions occur, I will relate them in my next report.  Overall, another great meeting and we are looking forward to the New Year.

We, the command and crew of USS
Exeter, would like to once again thank our support ship and her captain, Eric L. Watts.  His tireless work on our behalf will never be forgotten.  Truly, the best of times!
Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo and Commander John R. Sims, center, with Adam Neu on the far left and James Neu on the far right
Our newest member, Marian LaPlaca, with her daughter Shannon
Two of our other new members, Ed and Adam Neu
Those Exeter boys sure are adorable!

Ship's LogStardate 200811.23
The USS Exeter NCC-1706 held its fifth meeting at their local Golden Corral restaurant on November 23, 2008.  Commander John R. Sims submitted the following report:

Due to the fact that the bulk of my crewmates are coworkers at Publix grocery stores and we were extremely busy with our schedules during the holidays, we held an impromptu meeting at the local Golden Corral restaurant on November 23, 2008.  The members that attended, in addition to myself, were Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo, XO Ryan McDowell, Ensign Marian LaPlaca and prospective members Ed & Janice Neu and their two sons, James and Adam.

The business part of the meeting was very brief, seeing as some of us had to get back to work, but I did bring up to XO McDowell his taking the Officers Command College course (required to hold the XO position) ASAP.

We did have a great time, despite the time crunch, discussing the new
Star Trek movie and the trailer that we had all seen on the Internet.  Also, the apparent early release of the Star Trek: Phase II episode "Blood and Fire" in late December.  Lots of questions on that, let me tell you!  We also chatted about Janice's upcoming birthday celebration, as well as mine.  That get-together will be for our group only, seeing as many of Janice's family members will be there and we do not want to make anyone uncomfortable.  The food at the Golden Corral was surprisingly good, considering that it is a family buffet and usually, it all tastes the same at those places.  James, the elder son of Ed & Janice, entertained us all with his rather compelling stories, which he has an incredible ability to tell in a rather three-dimensional way.  We ate our fill, had some laughs at the CO's expense, and when we were finished with dessert, awarded our newest member, Marian LaPlaca, with one of our chapter polo shirts as a welcoming gift.  She was very surprised and grateful.  She's been a fan of the original Trek for a long time and had no idea that groups such as ours existed.  Welcome aboard, Marian!  She's found a new home and family.  Unfortunately, none of us had the foresight to bring a camera, so that beautiful moment was lost.  Hopefully, we will not let that happen again, seeing as Janice has volunteered to make a hardcopy scrapbook ("Captain's log") of our meetings and landing parties.

We did receive a subspace transmission from our illustrious Regional Coordinator, Jack Eaton, concerning attending one of our meetings.  This would be a great opportunity for one of the upper echelons to see a new chapter in its early stages of future (Omega) glory!  We will stay in touch with Jack and hopefully he can attend our meeting in February, when we can host him properly.

We are still planning to have a recruitment table at the upcoming
Star Trek movie opening and I have stayed in contact with the management of the local AMC theatre.  This will be another great opportunity for the Exeter.  The local newspaper is also interested in attending one of our meetings prior to the opening to get our reactions and probably ask the same old questions, but that's okay.  We live to serve the Empire!  Oops, I meant STARFLEET!

As for the Commander and crew of the USS
Exeter, we would again like to extend our thanks to the BEST chapter CO in the Fleet, Captain Eric L. Watts!  He and his crew have been a true inspiration to me and my shipmates.  I think you folks at headquarters should pin another medal on this fellow's chest, as he has gone above and beyond the call of duty for my chapter and we will NEVER forget it.

Godspeed to STARFLEET, our mothership, the USS
Republic, and to the crew of USS Exeter!

Ship's LogStardate 200810.31
The USS Exeter NCC-1706 held its fourth meeting at the Orlando Vulkon convention from Friday, October 31, to Sunday, November 2, 2008.  Commander John R. Sims submitted the following report:

October was a very busy month for our chapter. We all work for the same company, Publix, and it was time for our quarterly inventories, which can be very hectic.  When we had a free moment or two, we got together to discuss the fast-approaching Vulkon fall show.  All our trip plans came together as we all bought our tickets and got rooms at the hotel with the help of prospectve member Janice Neu.  She also created some very nice polo shirts for us to wear at a reasonable price.  My yeoman, Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo, and I arrived at the show Friday afternoon.  We relaxed and spoke with some other early arrivals, which included me meeting up with my old friend, Joe Motes.  We spoke about conventions of today as opposed to the ones I used to work staff on when he was the promoter.  Very insightfull!  After dinner, we picked up our tickets and called it a night.

The next morning, we took a gander in the dealers room and attended the
Trek chat forum.  Afterwards, we met up with the Neu family and spent the rest of the day with them.  I informed them about us finaly getting approved as a chapter-in-training, which was well-receieved.  Ed, Janice and their sons, Adam and James, have been very active with the group.  They will be officially joining the Fleet when Ed gets his bonus in a few weeks.

Around 6:00 p.m., we all went to Bob Evans for some homestyle cookin'!  Afterwards, we hurried back to the con for the evening's activities.  My ensign and I got into our brand-spanking-new classic
Trek USS Exeter uniforms and headed downstairs.  On the way down, we shared an elevator with Terry Farrell ("Jadzia Dax" from Deep Space Nine).  She was very nice and loved our outfits!  We then hung out at the Klingon bar, watched Billy Mumy play and sing, and awaited the costume contest, which was interesting, to say the least.

On Sunday, we all met again in the lobby and attended a few more activities.  By 3:00, we were ready to go on to our next adventure: the Kennedy Space Center!  My yeoman and I were alone for this part of the landing party.  We went on the KSC "Then and Now" tour, during which we were able to see the old Mercury and Gemini launch sites and firing rooms.  This tour ends with a stop at the Saturn V center, which has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

On Tuesday, Hyo and I went over to the Astronaut Hall of Fame and spent about four hours enjoying the rich history of America's space program.  We then set course for home.  After arriving back in Jacksonville, I phoned all the members to give them a rundown on the Space Center and the con.  Unfortunately, XO Ryan McDowell and Ensign Chris Hamm could not be with us due to work schedule conflicts.  Maybe next time, guys?
Back row: Ed Neu, Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo, Commander
John R. Sims.  Front row: Janice, James and Adam Neu.
Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo and Commander John R. Sims
visiting with some of the locals.
Commander John R. Sims and Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo
meeting up with fellow ship mates.
Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo, Commander John R. Sims
and Ed Neu taking a break.
James Neu looking at some of the memorabilia.
Littlest member Adam Neu sleeping at the end of a long day.
Commander John R. Sims getting
dressed up for the festivities.
Commander John R. Sims and Ensign
Hyo Soon Yoo all dressed up.
Commander John R. Sims
being a little more serious.

Ship's LogStardate 200809.07
The USS Exeter NCC-1706 held its third meeting on Sunday, September 7, 2008.  Commander John R. Sims submitted the following report:

The crew of the USS Exeter held its third meeting at the Bowl America in Jacksonville, Florida, on Sunday, September 7, 2008.  We thought we'd take a page from our mothership activities.  In attendance were Commander John R. Sims, Yeoman Hyo Soon Yoo and XO Ryan McDowell, as well as prospective members Ed and Janice Neu and their two sons.

We arrived at 6:00 p.m. and held a brief business meeting.  The subjects discussed were our plans for polo shirts, the upcoming Vulkon and recruitment to our chapter.

After this, we enjoyed a few games of bowling.  The scores were not that great, but the overall fun was!  Ed & Janice Neu's two sons made the night. Watching these two little dynamos bowl was too cute for words.

We adjourned to some bowling alley food and had a good time just being together, getting excited about the convention and eating some pizza and fried corn thingies.  Overall, another successful outing for our new chapter.

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday evening at Vulkon Orlando at the North Orlando Hilton on October 31 to November 2, 2008.  We are hoping to get together with the USS
Paegen and any other ships present at the con.

My crew and I would again like to thank Captain Eric L. Watts for his support, advice and guidance. He is truly a great leader that should not be taken for granted.
Standing: Ensign Ryan McDowell, Ed Neu, Commander John R. Sims, Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo, and (in front) Janice Neu and the Neus' kids at the Bowl America in Jacksonville, Florida.
Ed Neu, Commander John R. Sims, Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo and Ensign Ryan McDowell at Jacksonville's Bowl America, the Exeter's first public outing as a group, September 7, 2008.

Ship's LogStardate 200808.10
The USS Exeter NCC-1706 held its second meeting on Sunday, August 10, 2008.  Commander John R. Sims submitted the following report:

On Sunday, August 10, the crew of the USS Exeter convened for its second meeting, held at the home of the Commanding Officer.  Exeter XO Ensign Ryan McDowell and Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo were in attendance, and were visited by four new prospective members: Ed and Janice New and their two young sons.  Ensign Julie Cain and Ensign JG Jordan Cain made a brief visit on their way to a function of Jordan's; Ensign Chris Hamm could not attend due to a bad back injury from work.

After introductions, minutes from the previous meeting were read.  Issues discussed included recruitment, group activities and costuming.  One of the guests, Janice New, is a seamstress who will help as quartermaster for the design and construction of off-duty polo shirts.

Two other topics were also discussed: the upcoming third meeting and bowling party, as well as the fall Vulkon convention.  The crew discussed hotel accommodations, tickets and carpooling.  I also informed the crew of my discussions with the manager of the local AMC theater concerning the upcoming
Star Trek movie.  The manager was very cordial and said that he'd be happy to help us when the time came.

I also informed the crew of my intentions to file the
Exeter's Vessel Registration Request (VRR) forms, an important step towards the shuttle's becoming a commissioned chapter.  Hopefully, we will get these forms through the system before the Exeter's trip to Vulkon.

Exeter crew and our guests then adjourned to delicacies prepared by Ensign Yoo and watched the Star Trek: New Voyages episode "World Enough and Time" (which includes a scene with the Republic's very own Commander Brian Holloway as a security guard).  Everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously, especially Ed and Janice's two young sons, both of whom were mesmerized by the Commanding Officer's NASA collectibles.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, September 7, at the Bowl America in Jacksonville.  My crew and I wish to thank Captain Watts and the crew of the
Republic for their continuing support.  "Surely, the best of times."
Commander John R. Sims --- STARFLEET's #1 Red Sox fan! --- presides over the USS Exeter's second meeting on August 10.
XO Ensign Ryan McDowell, guests Janice and Ed New with their two sons, and the CO's yeoman, Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo.

Ship's LogStardate 200806.22
The USS Exeter NCC-1706 held its first organizational meeting on Sunday, June 22, 2008.  Commander John R. Sims submitted the following report:

At 5:30 p.m. EST, the core members of our chapter-in-training convened at Commander John R. Sims' quarters.  The members were Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo, Ensign Chris "Tex" Hamm and Ensign Ryan McDowell.  Although we were expecting three other members to attend, they bowed out at the last minute due to personal reasons that the Commander deemed justified.

During the meeting, we discussed STARFLEET, our place in it and what we as a chapter can do to enhance its strength, short-term goals such as OTS and OCC exams, filing MSRs and recruitment ideas.

We also discussed the delegation of duties as our chapter grows and raising funds for a web site and newsletter, costuming, attending conventions and accommodations by selling personal items and collectibles, as well as artistic creations by the CO and XO on eBay.  The CO has been selling his works on eBay since 2002 and his perfect rating will help facilitate this.  The CO's user name is "moonwalkerjohn."

Other activities discussed were volunteering with the local Museum of Science & History, landing parties to the zoo, local theatre and dinners out. Not to mention our attending the upcoming Vulkon in Orlando in October in full
Exeter uniforms!

Long-term plans are to help the Fleet by recruitment, staying active on all fronts, and to set an example for others to follow. Just as our mothership, the
Republic, has done under the command of Captain Eric L. Watts!

After all the business was completed, we adjourned to some incredible Korean dishes prepared by my yeoman, Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo.  The treats included beef tips in garlic, noodles and vegetables and sushi.

We gathered around the TV and watched the
Star Trek: New Voyages episode "In Harm's Way."  Seeing as this fan film as well as Starship Exeter inspired me to return to the Fleet, it only seemed appropriate.

Afterwards, we discussed meeting again at the end of July and bid our farewells.  Overall, the meeting went very well and this new chapter has a long and prosperous future.
Ensign Chris "Tex" Hamm, Ensign Ryan McDowell and Ensign Hyo Soon Yoo enjoy Korean cuisine at the USS Exeter's first meeting.
Commander John R. Sims presided over the first organizational meeting of the USS Exeter NCC-1706 on Sunday, June 22, 2008.